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“I want you to let go.” I did not let go because I was rejected — I let go because I trusted the voice. The obedient release of my grip allowed me to be pulled towards something greater. I have learned to be still and let go if I want to see where I am being pulled. This Lenten season…

Forgiveness Blooms

My four year old son, Desmond, told me that he would say the prayer for our lunch. He said he was “going to do the one we do at church with fire”. I raised my eyebrows and then bowed my head with him.  He started into the Lord’s Prayer with child-like accuracy and then came…

Purple Paint Haze

The color purple tried to kill me this week. Most of the time when we put ourselves in dangerous situations we are painfully oblivious to the harm that could come to us. I was given the opportunity to work on some decorations this week.  I do not consider myself a crafty individual–but if I envision…

Speak Life || Light

Last night I stared up at the ceiling searching for words to say. To battle the brokenness inside I began to silently list praises of thanksgiving. So many questions lingered in my mind but I hesitated to present them to my Father. My mind was not still. My anxious heart was pounding as my chest…