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  • Wonder


    Lent meditation: #theLiturgists Lent practice: #rethinkchurch Lent soundtrack: #mumfordandsons

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  • Above


    Lent meditation: #theLiturgists Lent practice: #rethinkchurch Lent soundtrack: #thebrilliancemusic

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  • Want


    “I want you to let go.” These are the words said to me. It was a dream, but not a dream. “Want” There are deep desires within all of us that drive our search for meaning. If you are reading these words–you were born with desire and want inside of you. You have been pushing the […]

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  • Blessings for a New Year

    Blessings for a New Year

                  I am blessed to have a job that allows me to meet wonderful people. Many days I get to learn someone’s story and lend my assistance in their journey. One year ago I was working with a homeless man who had recently transferred from a mission in the city […]

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  • Hope in a Christmas Jar

    Hope in a Christmas Jar

                  I love my children. All day at work I look forward to seeing them. Even if it is a day that I won’t get to see them…I’m still thinking about the smell of their hair and the twinkle in their eyes. I love to listen to them talk […]

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  • Wake Up!

    Wake Up!

    It’s a little past 3 a.m. and I can’t sleep and I can’t stop thinking about something my 3 year old, Desmond, said at bedtime. In an attempt to settle my thoughts, I will tap this blog out on my cell phone in a quiet living room, in a warm and safe home, on a […]

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  • Stop Swimming or Drown…

    Stop Swimming or Drown…

    Once upon a time after a torrential rain 3 dogs of various sizes were playing on a small bridge on a gravel road called Keseman Avenue in rural Benton County. This bridge has a tendency to be underwater after high rains. This is the bridge: Now picture it ominously covered with rushing water…. The smallest […]

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  • Life After Mt. Olivet

    There is an absolutely adorable country church in Cole Camp, Missouri that I like to visit occasionally…well technically it is the attached church cemetery that would feature the most check-ins from me and my family members. Some of my family members have been checked in there for a very long time (in a way).   […]

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    Earlier this work week my day was made by a sweaty smiling man wearing a tank top and a backwards baseball cap. At first, I did not recognize this smiling man walking my direction—although he did look familiar. As he entered my cubicle and took a seat in the chair next to me I nearly […]

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