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  • Slinky Problem

    Slinky Problem

    Dex: Mom, can you fix slinky problems? Me: Yes, I can fix slinky problems. The Slinky Problem. Dead Man Winter. Common Prayer. #TheLightIsWinning

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  • Darkness


    Lent meditation: #theLiturgists Lent practice: #rethinkchurch Lent soundtrack: #thebarrbrothers

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  • Faith


    Lent meditation: #theLiturgists Lent practice: #rethinkchurch Lent soundtrack: #opusorange

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  • Want


    “I want you to let go.” These are the words said to me. It was a dream, but not a dream. “Want” There are deep desires within all of us that drive our search for meaning. If you are reading these words–you were born with desire and want inside of you. You have been pushing the […]

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  • Short Post: NoFBNov

    Short Post: NoFBNov

    No Facebook November is about leaning into life and seeing the invisible. What will I see if I keep looking up? This is the kind of fast day I’m after:     to break the chains of injustice,     get rid of exploitation in the workplace,     free the oppressed,     cancel debts. What I’m interested in seeing you do […]

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  • No Facebook November 2015

    No Facebook November 2015

    I’ve rewritten the first sentence of this blog post four times…Despite being pulled out of bed to write with a heart pounding full of purpose, I still have an incessant compulsion to edit and perfect the words that you, my reader, will see. I haven’t been able to write in a long time. The creative constipation […]

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  • Forgiveness Blooms

    Forgiveness Blooms

    My four year old son, Desmond, told me that he would say the prayer for our lunch. He said he was “going to do the one we do at church with fire”. I raised my eyebrows and then bowed my head with him.  He started into the Lord’s Prayer with child-like accuracy and then came […]

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  • Miracle Zip at the Chef’s Table

    Miracle Zip at the Chef’s Table

    I was a little kid once…my parents would motivate me to eat by letting me know that I won’t grow unless I eat. Despite the assumed correlation between eating and growing, I haven’t grown an inch taller since I was 12. My mom thinks it might have something to do with my experiment with vegetarianism…I think it mostly […]

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  • Blessings for a New Year

    Blessings for a New Year

                  I am blessed to have a job that allows me to meet wonderful people. Many days I get to learn someone’s story and lend my assistance in their journey. One year ago I was working with a homeless man who had recently transferred from a mission in the city […]

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  • Hope in a Christmas Jar

    Hope in a Christmas Jar

                  I love my children. All day at work I look forward to seeing them. Even if it is a day that I won’t get to see them…I’m still thinking about the smell of their hair and the twinkle in their eyes. I love to listen to them talk […]

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