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Man looking up with an umbrella

“I want you to let go.” You. Me. You talking to me? I knew it. But what are you trying to say? Who do you think I am? I remember one of the first times that I was embarrassed that I didn’t know something. It was February and I was in the second grade. White…


“I want you to let go.” These are the words said to me. It was a dream, but not a dream. “Want” There are deep desires within all of us that drive our search for meaning. If you are reading these words–you were born with desire and want inside of you. You have been pushing the…


“I want you to let go.” These are the words said to me. It was a dream, but not a dream. “I” I wish I could look up and see the face that said those words to me and be able to articulate all of the words that went unsaid in the movement that followed.…


“I want you to let go.” I did not let go because I was rejected — I let go because I trusted the voice. The obedient release of my grip allowed me to be pulled towards something greater. I have learned to be still and let go if I want to see where I am being pulled. This Lenten season…

A Day Late, A Dollar Short

At noon today I pulled up into the drive-thru of one of my favorite lunch locations. I ordered something a little different because I noticed that according to the sign that it would be on special. I rolled forward and pulled out my wallet to pay. My stomach sank as I saw that I had left…

Lenten Acts

A year ago I googled Lent because I really had no idea what it was. I knew about fasting, I knew that this was the time of year when the double filet-o-fish could be found…I had an idea that I could “give something up” for Lent. I just had no idea what “Lent” was about…

Grateful for Generosity & 40acts

I had the most wonderful surprise today!

40acts thanked me on Youtube! It was such an awesome surprise to see a video thank you from 40acts for engaging with them during the wonderful challenges of generosity.

A few of my friends and family members know that the past 2 weeks since 40acts have been challenging for me. There are major changes happening in my life right now. Sometimes in life you can step back and just watch your story being written. To receive this video encouragement and gratitude today reminds me how big God’s Kingdom is and what an honor it is to be a part of this community.

If you do not know what I am talking about I suggest you check out the following:

40 days of Lent, 40 simple acts of generosity. http://www.40acts.org.uk


They also have a follow up series that I am enjoying

On a side note–it is absolutely hilarious that they have to experiment with saying my name correctly. My name is Jeanna (prounounded JEE-nuh). I actually write it out phonetically on name tags sometimes. It is a burden that I have to bear and I blame my parents. The good news is I was granted permission to get a new name if I want. I think that I’ll keep my first name for now. I’m just not feeling attached to the last name anymore–that might be the one I change. Maybe something cool…like Stewardship. Jeanna Stewardship, sounds nice.

The Functional Obsolescence of the Heart

I live in a 40 year old split-level home with a crumbling foundation and an attached garage. A home with a bad foundation is topic to explore in its own; the blinding rage that a beautiful spring downpour can incite is interesting to say the least.—Among many other #firstworldproblems I encounter everyday—occasionally my garage door…