Double-dipping–party foul or party party?

A friend of mine was recently accused of “double-dipping”–a faux pas that has been known to incite blind rage and leave a bad taste in your friend’s mouth. When I think about double-dipping I cannot help but think of the scene from Seinfeld when George Costanza committed the ultimate party foul, transgressing against all of…

Songs in the Night

2 weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting a new friend, we bonded together over our fervent anticipation of Series 4 of the BBC’s Sherlock and a love of Bible studies. We have no control over when Sherlock Series 4 will actually make it on the schedule, but we could control of when we study…

Idol Confessions

Confession: Once upon a time I threw away my mom’s ceramic statue into a burning pile of trash in our backyard. I remember being very young when I asked mom what the little ceramic statue was. She said it was something that her friend had painted for her. It was painted very well in 2…



The picture above was taken from my parent’s porch. I have taken in this view over and over again each time I have left my parents house. It would be impossible to number the amount of times that I looked out over this horizon. It would also be impossible to quantify the amount of times that I have actually sat down and marveled at its beauty.

This photo was captured one recent morning as I stepped outside. I paused and admired the fog rolling back as the dawn crept over the hayfield. The air was so crisp that my burdens just fell away. The chill was barely noticeable as I felt the Holy Spirit warm my anxieties into a comforting calm. This was the first day, in a long time, that I was able to begin my day in peace.

I have felt many emotions standing on this porch, a list that includes: love, laughter, joy, frustration, anger, sadness, emptiness, desperation, fullness, compassion, and wonder. In the night, on more than one occasion, I have felt fear–as my sister has locked me out of the house after taunting the coyotes to howl. And on the darkest of nights, I have been left speechless at the magnificent number of stars that can be viewed from one small porch.

Lincoln, Missouri, may be a tiny place on the planet, but I’ve still never been anywhere else where I could view more of His creation just by looking up.

As I start a new chapter in my life, my prayer is that I will never run from what is set before me. For years I was waiting for “the most wonderful thing of all” to happen, like Nora from A Doll’s House. My exit from my old life might not have been as dramatic or memorable as Ibsen’s “door slam heard ‘round the world” but it was final and resolute. I will not be so disturbed by these echoes that I fail to carry on.

Someone recently set this idea with me—what might appear to be junk to us—just might be something beautiful and pretty to the One we serve. This is revealed as truth to me—what might seem to be a catastrophic disruption in my world—to my own human understanding—could actually be preparing the way for the Kingdom. Try as he might, Satan tramples and rules in this world, but God can make beautiful things out of Satan’s most grave efforts to spoil life. It’s almost like—if Satan busies himself stomping around in the garden trying to hinder growth—then Jehovah will draw near to His children as we draw near to Him and He will build up the sweetest and most beautiful fruit.

I believe that the children of the King should not live their lives in fear.

I’ve decided, if I spend all my time outside at night running and fearing distant coyotes, then I will miss out on every opportunity to be awe-struck by our Creator. He is my protector and He shines the light.

Slow down! Live, love, breathe, shine!

Do more, fear less.

Grateful for Generosity & 40acts

I had the most wonderful surprise today!

40acts thanked me on Youtube! It was such an awesome surprise to see a video thank you from 40acts for engaging with them during the wonderful challenges of generosity.

A few of my friends and family members know that the past 2 weeks since 40acts have been challenging for me. There are major changes happening in my life right now. Sometimes in life you can step back and just watch your story being written. To receive this video encouragement and gratitude today reminds me how big God’s Kingdom is and what an honor it is to be a part of this community.

If you do not know what I am talking about I suggest you check out the following:

40 days of Lent, 40 simple acts of generosity.

They also have a follow up series that I am enjoying

On a side note–it is absolutely hilarious that they have to experiment with saying my name correctly. My name is Jeanna (prounounded JEE-nuh). I actually write it out phonetically on name tags sometimes. It is a burden that I have to bear and I blame my parents. The good news is I was granted permission to get a new name if I want. I think that I’ll keep my first name for now. I’m just not feeling attached to the last name anymore–that might be the one I change. Maybe something cool…like Stewardship. Jeanna Stewardship, sounds nice.

Stinging in the Reign

Yesterday morning, as I was driving to work, it started to rain. As I drove past a school zone I noticed two women who had most likely just dropped off their children. They were walking in the middle of a parking lot, like they were taking the short route home. I wished that I had an…

The Functional Obsolescence of the Heart

I live in a 40 year old split-level home with a crumbling foundation and an attached garage. A home with a bad foundation is topic to explore in its own; the blinding rage that a beautiful spring downpour can incite is interesting to say the least.—Among many other #firstworldproblems I encounter everyday—occasionally my garage door…

Keanu moment of inspiration…

Keanu moment of inspiration...

I captured a moment of inspiration today.
A friend posted on Facebook her distress that so many people do not believe in God. Many like-minded people of the Christian faith clicked Like on her post. When the comments began it started as a commentary on morals but then by the third comment everything that followed was tied to politics. After suggesting that it isn’t a believing problem it is a following Christ problem, I actually caught myself getting wrapped up in what I can only describe as worldly fervor. That’s when I had my moment of Keanu inspiration.

I still think the problem is not disbelief.
It is a love your neighbor problem. A guard your heart problem.

Although Conspiracy Keanu is my meme of choice…this problem is no conspiracy. Any Bible student can clearly tell you who was identified as the “ruler of this world”.

I.K.–Deadly Job Search Virus has Bacterial Form

Originally posted on careerdramatist:
Some of you may object to what I’m about to say on moral grounds, but I believe that it must be said in order to remedy the deadly job seeker– life destroying–hope crushing–bacteria called I.K. (Interview Killer). You have probably heard stories about the Viral Form of I.K. when sneaky and sometimes…


You know that moment when you feel change coming? It is right there in front of you…you’re not sure what it looks like exactly, but you know that it is good.  I’m feeling it. I’ve been reading more lately and each book that I’ve finished reading this week has made me hunger for change…the good…