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Lent 2017
I saw these socks and all I could think is–where can I get Netflix socks? Instagram socks with little ❤️’s?

What kind of socks do you find yourself stepping into? Weary soles are tired and in need of repair. How about we wash our feet in a couple weeks?

Lent meditation: #theLiturgists

Lent practice: #rethinkchurch

Lent soundtrack: #thewhistlesandthebells 

Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord.

Lord, hear my voice!

Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications!

Psalm 130: 1-2
🎶On them bad days, I got them good drugs

To sweep the pain up under the rug 

And when the straw breaks I say a little prayer

To the God of Abraham and anybody who cares

And hope they’re listening, listening, listening

🎶: @thewhistlesandthebells

Can we be open about our pain?

I know I don’t have it together, my socks don’t even match. Do they make socks that feature self-deprecating humor?

Meditations available from The Liturgists on Patreon 

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