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Heal, Lent 2017

Lenten Meditations, The Liturgists

I was born guilty
Blot out my transgressions
Wash me thoroughly

Lectio Divina Psalm 51:1-5

I can’t heal if I don’t know what I’m missing.

Missing piece, missing peace.

Wash me thoroughly.

Have mercy on me, O God.

This turbulence will cease.
Will this heart find peace.

Lenten Practice: Rethink Church Instagram


Lenten Soundtrack: Jason Barrows, Islands of My Soul

Into the fog we escaped, to become Voyagers of the unknown
For when the home that you know, grows dim
It’s time…to travel on

In the quiet corners of the soul, is the cry to touch the unseen
Reach past the hands of the grave and stare out
To the face of the deep


So abandon all of your fear and set sail
For a city of light
Now the door to those lands
Is the heart that you carry inside

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