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“I want you to let go.”

These are the words said to me. It was a dream, but not a dream.


I wish I could look up and see the face that said those words to me and be able to articulate all of the words that went unsaid in the movement that followed. In obedience, I released myself from the entanglements of my own motivations…as my hand became free I felt my entire body gently pull towards the direction of the voice. I was connected and then I let go. My hand was grasped in a new way and pulled outside of my own strength.

A new love. This love was not there because I put it there. This love did not exist because of the hope I placed in it. This love was not a result of saying the right words. This love was there in my surrender.

Have you ever whiffed a fragrance that you can only smell when you’re not trying to smell it? The closer I smell the harder it is to find. I’m chasing a faint scent in the wind.

Dear reader–if you are willing–would you put pen to paper and give yourself space and time to answer these questions?

What parts of your own life are not working for you?



Whose voices are influencing your finite number of days on this planet?



If you could choose to do at least one thing different in your day, what would that be?



Where would you be if you could choose?



What do you hear when you look in the mirror?




Yield 2016 soundtrack:

…Just tell me what you’re doing it for…

…”Have you figured out yet, what it is you want?”…

…I think that love is so much easier than you realize

If you can give yourself to someone, then you should…

A Little Bit of Everything, Dawes

Behind that painted lady, there’s a masterpiece,
Behind the painted lady, she’s a masterpiece,
But she doesn’t care to think so; no she hasn’t got belief,
That’s what she’s wearing over her face,

Singing, oh! Take me back to me, Oh! The original me,
Oh! Take me back to me, the original me.

The Original, Roo Panes

My Lent Journal:

As I center my thoughts and be still, I find my heart at peace. There is much joy in an existence less cluttered by how things are supposed to be…to find the freedom to be present.

Teach us to number our days,
    that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12

From birth I’ve always chosen the road that is different and set apart…at some point I started to think that my road wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to be–so I started looking at the things that I didn’t even want–to bring me to the end result. I’m letting go of that. I’m listening to the voice that has the most influence on me and I’m embracing the new adventure of the original me.

Lenten listen: Adventures in Time from Typically Hazardous with Hank Fortener

Engage: #40acts Challenges

Ash Wednesday: Why ashes? Connecting to who we are and who we can be

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