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“I want you to let go.”

I did not let go because I was rejected — I let go because I trusted the voice.

The obedient release of my grip allowed me to be pulled towards something greater.

I have learned to be still and let go if I want to see where I am being pulled.

This Lenten season I choose to yield. I will look up and let go.

My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.”

And my heart responds, “LORD, I am coming.” – Psalm 27:8

Take a step with me through the tension and we’ll see what’s on the other side of surrender.

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I am participating in the following activities to assist with self-examination and reflection. Join me?

Rethink Church: 2016 Lenten Photo A Day Practice

#rethinkchurch #rethinkphoto #40days

40acts: do Lent generously


I will also be rereading A.J. Swoboda’s, A Glorious Dark, at least until I receive my copy of his new book, The Dusty Ones, (Releasing March 1, 2016–go ahead and pre-order, trust me.)

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