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Speak the Love


Desmond said something in the car that had nothing to do with social media but everything to do with how I feel social media can influence people.


Desmond: “I feel weak when I giggle and when I feel fear…but I get stronger when I’m in the light.”

Desmond, you nailed it.

Dear Jeanna,

Social media can make you giggle.

Social media can make you feel fear.

Don’t take in so much social media that you start to feel weak.

Your stronger when you’re in the light.

The Brilliance released an EP, See the Love, you can get it here: thebrilliancemusic.com

“We give our peace away.”

David & John, you nailed it.

After a social media fast that lasted 35 days I’ve been back on Facebook for over 15 days.

Friends, we need more peace. Yes, the world is broken, but we are stronger when we’re in the light.

My heart hurts when I read your fears. Please do not fear. I will not choose fear. It’s easier together.

My heart hurts when I read your hate. Please do not hate. I will not choose hate. It’s easier together.

Fears fade when we see your love. Please see the love. I will choose love. It’s easier together.

For the past two days the words of O Holy Night has been ringing in my ears, warming my heart, and leaking out of my eyes.

Truly He taught us to love one another
His law is love and His gospel is peace

Chains shall He break for the slave is our brother
And in His name all oppression shall cease

Sometimes all you can do is weep…most of the time, there’s more that you can do.

The Compassion Collective is taking a stand against fear and towards love. Consider taking your own step out in love, learn more at The Compassion Collective.

Don’t let fear speak for you. Speak in love. Do more. Fear less.

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