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No Facebook November


No Facebook November–this is a thing now, I’m doing this.

Actually, I’m having some heart palpitations at this moment, but I think that could also be attributed to the 3.5 cups of coffee I have managed to consume today.

I am going to eliminate all social media activity for the month of November 2014. This is no easy task for me. I’d say that I do have an addiction to social media that has only been exacerbated due to recent life events.

I will attribute some inspiration to this guy–>Jason, who does stuff. He has abstained from social media for the month of October 2014. He called his social media vacation a “detox” which I think is appropriate for anyone who eats social media for breakfast.

Why now? Why November? Well I have a lot of things going on this November…so I need to make room in my life. The truth is, I’m a big fan of “No Shave November”–Well…I’m a big fan of beards…so I was thinking about beards…and how something really positive can come out of a catchy phrase…and putting No [something] November seemed to really make sense–actually sometimes the idea of eliminating something from my life entirely really turns me on. Fasting, simplifying, garage sales, periods of vegetarianism, unfollowing people on twitter…there is a thrill in the elimination. The idea of No Facebook November was basically a shower idea that I had…I immediately thought–“hey, yeah that would be cool #NoFBNov”–then I realized that hashtag would not actually be put to use–because I would be off of FB and twitter. (I just realized that I was thinking about beards in the shower…what is wrong with me?)

Please know this, before I committed to this, I prayed about it. I weighed the risk and value of eliminating social media from my life for a whole month. I know that this sounds ridiculous to people who aren’t addicted to notifications, mentions, and likes. (I’m starting to think that it is possible I will lose friends just for confessing this addiction. AAGH! I absolutely think too much and care too much about what others think–I think a Facebook fast is definitely in order…even as I type this I am looking up and noticing that I have a new FB notification.)

My choice was almost completely solidified when this happened today…





I’m not sure if you can tell from this screen capture–today, I did a search for “My friends” on Facebook…and it told me: “Sorry, we couldn’t find any results for this search.” Of course…I then posted this on Facebook to see if anyone else was amused…even though I was actually kind of convicted by the event.

I was wondering how much time I actually spend on Facebook each day…so I googled to see if I could receive assistance with that…I did find a post from Time that had an app that could analyze some data from my Facebook page and give me an estimate. I do not know how accurate it is, but the result was enough to disturb me even further–and appeared enough like Divine providence that I believe that the Facebook fast should take place.







According to the app, since joining Facebook, I have wasted 32 days, 15 hours, and 2 minutes on Facebook. That is over a month of my life–on FACEBOOK! What?!?! I’ve shared 5, 496 things! Because it was over a month of my life spent–I think it is appropriate to attempt NOT to spend a month on Facebook.

I recently read a book by Eugene Cho, titled Overrated: Are We More in Love with the Idea of Changing the World Than Actually Changing the World? This book inspired me and challenged me. I think there are a lot of ways I could live out some justice in 30 days without being tempted to #humblebrag. One of the things that I learned was–sometimes the people who “share” on social media–actually might be compelled to contribute less in real life…because they’ve already done their part by sharing…that is mighty concerning and convicting.

I’ve witnessed Facebook friends do this in the past. I hope that I can honestly abstain from all social media accounts. I will be enlisting some co-workers and friends for accountability in this area. I will be handing control over for my work Facebook account, as well, in order to ensure total compliance. A friend at work is excited about this. She challenged me by illuminating the fact that I will not have control over what others post about me.  The pulling in my heart only further convicted me that this is the right choice for me right now. She also is taking bets on how long I will last…I like a challenge though. I think one of the reasons I managed to stay sober through college is because I was told that I couldn’t possibly be a theatre major without at least trying drugs…that and my fear judgement.

So farewell–Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, about.me, and Snapchat.

I will keep a journal during the month of November and I may share the contents with you in December…or I might not share at all…I might find that just writing and keeping my moments between me, my friends, family, and God is enough.

With grace and peace I go.

I am still accessible via email, text, phone calls, and real life conversation.

Does anyone want to join me for #NoFBNov?

Try not to think about all the “Thankful for” posts that you’ll miss out on. 😉


Update 10/31/14

Just hours away from #NoFBNov and I’m excited to see so many people join the movement with me! Some have replaced their profile pictures and cover photos with these images! I’m so excited for this adventure! (It helps to have a support group.) 🙂

willreturnnofbnov nofacebooknovember


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