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Keanu moment of inspiration…

Keanu moment of inspiration...

I captured a moment of inspiration today.
A friend posted on Facebook her distress that so many people do not believe in God. Many like-minded people of the Christian faith clicked Like on her post. When the comments began it started as a commentary on morals but then by the third comment everything that followed was tied to politics. After suggesting that it isn’t a believing problem it is a following Christ problem, I actually caught myself getting wrapped up in what I can only describe as worldly fervor. That’s when I had my moment of Keanu inspiration.

I still think the problem is not disbelief.
It is a love your neighbor problem. A guard your heart problem.

Although Conspiracy Keanu is my meme of choice…this problem is no conspiracy. Any Bible student can clearly tell you who was identified as the “ruler of this world”.

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