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I.K.–Deadly Job Search Virus has Bacterial Form

There are a lot of things that can kill an interview. Fortunately there are ways to avoid the disease-filled practices that cut the lives of interviews short.



I.K. BacteriaSome of you may object to what I’m about to say on moral grounds, but I believe that it must be said in order to remedy the deadly job seeker– life destroying–hope crushing–bacteria called I.K. (Interview Killer).

You have probably heard stories about the Viral Form of I.K. when sneaky and sometimes ignorant interviewers ask inappropriate and illegal questions to coax protected information out of eager job candidates. This is deadly and exposure must be avoided.

The bacterial form of I.K. thrives when willing job candidates are unaware and so eager to please that they reveal too much information about themselves. The bacteria spreads like wildfire when job seekers begin revealing information about their personal lives, medical history, and family status.  By the time the unsuspecting victim has reached the end of their well-meaning answer the bacteria has proved fatal to the interview.

There is antibiotic for the bacteria form…

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