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Fire ants

Driving in the car to Uncle Joe and Auntie’s.

Me:  “Bubby, Hailey, and Dakota are your cousins.”

Dex: “And Uncle Joe is my cousin?”

Me: “No, Uncle Joe is your uncle.”

Dex: “Oh…Auntie is my cousin?”

Me: “No, Auntie is your Aunt.”

Dex: “Oh, I don’t want ants in my garden…I put up a gate and keep the ants out of my garden…”

Me: “Ants are little, aren’t they?”

Dex: “Yes, they are.  I like ants.  They can come in my garden, I will open the gate.  Ants will march in my garden.”

Me: *laughing*

Dex: “It’s not funny mommy.”

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