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I always want to remember…Dexter quotes.

Stoplights are “elmo gates”

The sky is blue, “I didn’t say it’s green, it’s blue”.

“We don’t eat our family, that’s gross.”

“All our friends are different, but we love them all the same.”

In the car, We can have some candy when we get home…”Well…I have some candy right here.”

After imitating birds chirping, “I am not a bird.  I’m Dexter.”

Dex is playing with a battery. Me:  “That’s not a toy.” Dex: “It’s Daddy’s.” Me:  “Don’t play with it.”  Dex:  “Daddy didn’t say me.”

“Xbox, play next episode.  My video apps!”

“What’s that noise?!!”

“The sun is up.”  “The snow is gone, the rain can come back.”

“I love you more than a mountain!”




3 responses to “I always want to remember…Dexter quotes.”

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  2. I will always cherish that moment when dex said to me, “I love you more than a mountain!” When im sad. I think about that. And it always brings tears to my eyes, tears of joy. Who ever thought that I would have two beautiful nephews to call my own, to bring me so much happiness, to give me hope!


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